Coenzyme Q10 for women: 8 Benefits and more

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With the increasing awareness of healthy living and healthy eating, dietary supplements promising better health in the long term are growing rapidly. Coenzyme Q10 is the third most consumed one globally, studies say. The importance of coenzyme Q10 for women, like magnesium and vitamin D, is being recognised nowadays. It promotes cardiovascular health, increases energy levels, promotes youthful skin, and may have beneficial effects on reproductive health, including fertility. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits, recommended dosage, how long it takes to see results, potential adverse effects, dietary sources, and who should avoid CoQ10 supplements. Our goal is to provide women with the information they need to make informed decisions about including CoQ10 into their wellness routines, thereby encouraging greater health and overall well-being.

What is Coenzyme Q10?

coenzymeq10 for women

It is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like compound synthesised from an amino acid called tyrosine in the human body. It is also called ubiquinone. It plays an essential role in energy production in the form of ATP at the cellular level. It has the ability to neutralise free radicals and is the only fat-soluble antioxidant that can be synthesised by the body on its own. It is normally found in high concentrations in tissues with high metabolic activity like the heart, kidney, liver, muscles, and nerves.

Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 for Women

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a unique chemical that provides a plethora of benefits specific to improving women’s health and overall well-being. Let’s go on to find out how this natural powerhouse may be your helper in creating a lively, energetic, and healthy lifestyle.

1. Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Coenzyme Q10 is a cardiovascular hero. It promotes healthy blood pressure, improves heart muscle function, and promotes appropriate circulation. CoQ10 protects your heart from wear and tear by lowering oxidative stress and inflammation, ensuring that it continues to beat strongly. It is believed to slow down diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. It counteracts oxidative stress and helps reduce risk factors like atherosclerosis.

2. Enhancement of Energy and Vitality

Consider feeling a higher sense of vitality and stamina. CoQ10 is essential for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cellular energy currency. CoQ10 offers you that extra spring in your step by increasing ATP production, allowing you to tackle your everyday adventures with strength.

3. Skin and Anti-Aging Benefits

Who wouldn’t want glowing, youthful skin? CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin cells from the ravages of free radicals. This not only delays the ageing process, but it can also minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your skin radiant and revitalised.

4. Support for Reproductive Health

CoQ10 is essential for reproductive health, especially for women who are attempting to conceive. It improves egg quality, promotes healthy ovulation, and may help with fertility results. It helps expectant mothers have a safe pregnancy by lowering the chance of complications.

5. Potential Breast Health Benefits

According to research, CoQ10 may play a role in sustaining breast health. It is believed to inhibit the formation of abnormal breast cells while also protecting breast tissue from harm. While additional research is required, the potential is promising.

6. Role in Migraine Headache Management

CoQ10 may provide some relief to migraine sufferers. According to some research, it can lower the frequency and severity of these incapacitating headaches. CoQ10 might provide much-needed relief by increasing mitochondrial activity and decreasing inflammation.

7. Coenzyme Q10 and Mental Health

CoQ10, well-known for its role in physical health, may also benefit mental wellness. This antioxidant aids in the synthesis of cellular energy in the brain, which may have an effect on mood and cognitive performance. According to emerging research, CoQ10 may have a positive impact on mood regulation and cognitive performance. It appears to protect brain cells from oxidative damage and promote neurotransmitter function, potentially relieving  depression and anxiety and slowing down cognitive decline symptoms as in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Coenzyme Q10 and Muscle health

Coenzyme Q10 appears to be a viable treatment option for myopathy, a disorder characterised by fatigue, poor energy, cramps, and stiffness. CoQ10 can ease these symptoms by increasing cellular energy production, resulting in improved muscle function and overall well-being.

coenzyme q10 benefits for women

The recommended daily intake of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for women varies but is commonly between 100 and 200 milligrams. Individual needs, however, may vary depending on factors such as age, overall health, and special health goals. Those with certain medical conditions or who are taking certain drugs may require higher doses under medical supervision.

CoQ10 levels in women may naturally fall as they age. As a result, older women may benefit from somewhat greater doses in order to preserve energy levels and overall health. It is best to speak with a healthcare expert to identify the best dosage for your specific needs and life stage.

How long should I take CoQ10?

CoQ10 can be used as a short-term or long-term supplement. Short-term use may address immediate health concerns such as myopathy or acute fatigue, however, long-term use provides ongoing benefits, particularly for conditions such as cardiovascular health and ageing. But most of the trials and studies show that its beneficial effects can be seen within a range of 1–3 months of supplementation. 

To reap the full benefits of CoQ10, it is critical to take it on a regular basis and as prescribed. This guarantees a consistent supply of this essential coenzyme for energy synthesis and antioxidant protection, resulting in improved overall health and well-being.

Side effects:

It is considered safe and well tolerated. It is non-toxic, has no genotoxicity, and causes no serious adverse effects. It can cause minor gastrointestinal issues like abdominal pain and soft stools. It can interfere with the action of a few drugs, like antihypertensives and anticoagulants. Thus, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before consuming CoQ10 supplements.

CoQ10 is not an FDA approved drug. It is sold as a food and dietary supplement. Thus, it is absolutely not meant to treat, cure, or prevent diseases. Though three decades worth of research studies show the immense benefits of CoQ10, more clinical evidence is needed.

Who Shouldn’t Take Coenzyme Q10?

Individuals with specific medical conditions, such as liver disease or kidney issues, may not be suitable for CoQ10 supplementation. It may interfere with some medications, such as blood thinners like warfarin and blood pressure medications. If you are taking prescription medications or have any prior illnesses, you should consult with your doctor before using them.

While CoQ10 is generally thought to be safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnant or breastfeeding women should check with their healthcare professional before using supplements. 

Foods that Increase Coenzyme Q10 

CoQ10 is found in a variety of foods, with the largest quantities found in organ meats such as liver and heart, fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, and whole grains. Poultry, nuts, and soybean oil are some other sources.

Consider including more of these foods in your diet to increase your CoQ10 intake. Enjoy lean pieces of meat or a salmon salad with nuts and nutritious grains. Spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower are suitable options for vegetarians.

While food sources are important, some people prefer supplements for convenience. Both can be balanced to offer a consistent supply of CoQ10.


Coenzyme Q10 is emerging as a versatile and essential ally in the field of wellness, particularly for women. Its numerous benefits include cardiovascular health, energy rejuvenation, skin radiance, reproductive well-being, potential breast health support, and even migraine relief. Whether you’re looking for a quick boost or long-term energy, CoQ10 has promising results. Understanding your specific needs, consulting with healthcare providers, and maintaining consistency are all important.

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